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How to find a reliable heating engineer


How to find a reliable heating engineer

When you need a heating engineer, it’s because you need someone reliable. Either you’re looking to invest some significant money in a new boiler or system, which needs to be well-installed and to work reliably for many years to come. Or you’ve found yourself with a cold house, and you need help quickly from someone who knows what they’re doing and who will charge you fairly for the work.

There are lots of people out there. Plenty are good. Some are not. How can you tell the difference?

Here are a few things to look for.

  • Check that they’re a proper business. They should give you a physical address and telephone number, and preferably (although not always) a business website where they give information about what they do. If you do a Google maps search for heating engineers in your area, they should show up as being a recognised business in the area.
  • Choose someone with lots of experience in the service you need. If they’ve been in business for a number of years providing the exact service you’re looking for, that is an indicator that they are more likely to do a good job.
  • If your job involves gas, check that they’re Gas-Safe registered. This is a legal requirement. You can check whether engineers are registered at this site.
  • If your job involves heating oil, check that they're Oftec approved. You can check at this site
  • Get a detailed quote – and check whether VAT is included. You want someone who will come out and assess the situation properly and then give you a full quote with a final figure, which includes any extras for materials and includes VAT. You want to avoid any nasty surprises after the work has been done.
  • Of course, it’s always worth asking around to see which of your nearby friends or relatives can recommend someone that has done a good job for them. It’s worth seeking the word of people you know and trust – online reviews are often thin on the ground, and are prone to misinformation (companies commissioning people to give them false good reviews, or leaving false bad reviews on their competitors).

Just a little care and attention when choosing someone to work with can make a huge difference in the quality of service you get. 

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