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6 reasons why you should get your boiler serviced right now


6 reasons why you should get your boiler serviced right now

As Spring hands over to Summer, you’ve definitely reached the time of year when you don’t have to think about turning on the heating at all. That’s great news – for so many reasons, mostly to do with the fact we can now enjoy being outside in the sunshine, barbecues, outdoor entertainments of whatever sort most give you joy. 

But it’s also the very best time to think about your heating in one important way – getting your boiler serviced so that it will give you good and reliably performance when the cold weather does make its reappearance at the end of Summer.

Getting the boiler serviced may seem like a chore – and it is. But there’s a reason why we do those chores, because our life is made easier when they’re done! Here are six reasons why you should get your boiler serviced right now.

1. You can catch problems early

 If something is just beginning to go awry with the boiler, but not so much yet that you’ve much noticed nor cared, it’s only going to get progressively worse (and possibly quickly worse) once the temperatures drop and you start putting it through its paces again. Catching that problem as it’s just emerging can be a lot cheaper to fix than at a later stage when it may have led to a larger scale breakdown.

2. It’s smart for the long term

 People sometimes put off getting the boiler serviced because they think it’s just a cost. But the annual service is probably cheaper than you think, and if you factor in the fact that a regularly-serviced boiler generally lasts longer, then it’s actually a valuable investment. And, additionally on the cost front …

3. It can help keep fuel bills down

 A regular service will make sure that the boiler is continuing to work at its optimum efficiency. This can make a significant different to your regular fuel bills, particularly in this age where the unit cost of energy is so often on the rise, and so rarely on the decline.

4. It can keep your family safe

 It may seem like a tiny minority, but according to the Government around 4,000 people attend hospital each year with symptoms that turn out to be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Even if the chances are small, you don’t want to gamble with the health of your family. Getting your boiler serviced is the standard way to ensure your boiler is operating safely.

5. You’ll stay under warranty

 It’s likely that any warranty or guarantee that comes with your boiler provides cover on the expectation that you will get the unit serviced annually. If you fail to do that, you will find that you’re no longer covered when something goes wrong.

And then, the sixth reason as to why you should get it done right now!

6. If you schedule it in now, it’s done. 

If you accept the logic of all the above, but decide to put it off to later in the Summer, there’s a good chance you’ll forget. Or you’ll leave it right to the last minute, and suddenly you’ll find that it’s not easy to arrange an appointment which is at your convenience. But if you get it done now, it’s job done. Ticked off the to-do list. Back on with the process of enjoying the summer and everything that comes with it.

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