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Four common central heating mistakes you should avoid


Four common central heating mistakes you should avoid

You want your home heating to be reliable, and to be efficient. That way it will keep you and your family warm without breaking the bank.

The rules to help you do this are simple – but we see people making the same mistakes again and again which leads them into problems. Here are four of the most important ones.

  1. Setting the central heating to a higher temperature than you need. Often people think that if they want a room to heat up really fast, then what they should do is turn the thermostat right up. But that’s not how these systems work. Set it to the right temperature. It will happen as fast as it’s going to happen – and it also won’t burn through more of your cash heating beyond the level you need. Every extra degree has a significant additional load on the boiler, and therefore cost on your bill.

  2. Not bothering with the annual boiler service. We know we run the risk of getting boring on this one, but we do it because we see constantly that people underestimate the value of the annual boiler service. It helps to keep it running reliably and efficiently. Particularly since, when you first turn it on after the summer, it is more prone to failure after the period of inactivity. Get the boiler serviced for peace of mind.

  3. Ignoring how well the radiators are performing. During the course of normal use, but particularly after a period of dis-use, air is likely to build up in the system and one or more of your radiators will see it collecting at the top of the radiator. Water is the basis for your heating system because it conducts heat a lot better than air does (which is why you can put your hand into an oven at over 100ºC to take out your dinner, but you should NOT try plunging said hand into a boiling pan of water!). Generally, all you need to do is bleed the radiators affected, which can be done in a matter of seconds. But you need to be paying attention to spot when it needs doing, or else your rooms will be struggling to warm up properly.

  4. Underestimating the value of good insulation. When it comes to spending money on your home, insulation may seem like the least interesting thing you could do with your money, rather than all the visible improvements you might have in mind. But good insulation makes a huge difference, particularly if your house doesn’t have cavity wall insulation or loft insulation, and therefore a lot of the heat you generate in the winter is just being lost. Insulation and dealing with draughts is one of the best investments in your home you can make – and one that will repay the outlay with reduced fuel bills forever after.